Delivery policy

Buyer shipping and delivery policy

The process of shipping and delivering products is an essential part of the shopping process through Commercial Computer Games Est. , as the task of delivering goods falls within our responsibilities to deliver the product in high quality according to the necessary precision and safety standards.

By using the delivery services at Jafar Shop, you agree to the following terms and instructions:

The address to which the commodity is to be delivered must be accurately written with an assurance that we do not bear any responsibility for not receiving the product in this case.
Please confirm shipping costs and details of the process before approval and approval.
If you feel a problem with the delivery process, please contact our technical support team.
By using one of the private courier services and related companies, you follow their policies and terms of use.

Shipping and delivery costs

Our primary determinant in the process of delivering products and goods is the order price according to the following classification:Delivery orders: The cost of delivery to all governorates is only 10 Rial
Delivery and installation orders: These are specified in the product conditions or agreed upon before making the order

Delivery times:

1- If you make an order before five o'clock in the evening, the application will be delivered within 24-72 working hours, taking into consideration Friday and Saturday as two holiday days or any official holiday announced by the government.

2- If the customer makes an order after the official working hours of the company, which is five in the evening, end, the delivery period will be calculated on the second working day.